Our Top Agents for 2014

Congratulations to our award-winning top agents

We celebrated our annual agent award ceremony at Pennell’s this week to honor a year of accomplishments for our office and our talented real estate professionals. Proudly presenting our top agents for 2014:

  1. Julie BonacioRoohan Realty's top agents of 2014
  2. Valerie Thompson
  3. Kate R. Naughton
  4. Meg Minehan
  5. Carole Tarantino
  6. Palma Pedrick
  7. Christopher Benton
  8. Darlene Chorman
  9. Tamara Valentine
  10. Mara King

Commercial Department

  1. Amy Sutton

“Rookie of the Year”

Tara Garrett

Congratulations to everyone on a your success, and we’re looking forward to the exciting year ahead!


Special Thanks

Kate Deloria for her superior event-planning skills – thank you so much, it was a blast!

Sage Cerone and Pennell’s Restaurant for their incredible food and service, absolutely delicious.

And Tom Roohan for his generosity in making events like these part of our company culture.

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Special thanks to Kate Deloria for her superb event-planning skills, to Sage Cerone and Pennell’s for the incredible food and service, and to our Broker-Owner Tom Roohan for making events like this part of our company culture.