To Build or to Buy a Home? Avoid Multiple Offers as a Home Buyer by Building with Kodiak Construction

To Build or to Buy a Home?

Avoid Multiple Offers as a Home Buyer by Building with Kodiak Construction

by Jordan Golisano-VanNeil | May , 2023

Finding your forever home can take a lot of time and research and can feel like a very daunting task. The 2023 housing market continues to favor sellers which is making it difficult for buyers to find the right home. Most homes in Saratoga Springs under $750,000, once they hit the market, go into a multiple-offers situation within the first 2-8 days. There is no time to waste when it comes to buying a house! Just within our Roohan Realty office about half of our last 10 transactions went into multiple offers. Trying to outbid other buyers can be extremely stressful and discouraging so a viable solution can be to build a home! The idea of building a home from the ground up sounds very intimidating but in this market, it is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want and stay within budget. Roohan Realty has represented Kodiak Construction for over 10 years and they can help you build the home of your dreams!

Kodiak Construction ensures you, as their client, that you’ll have enough time to think things through and will do a 30 day homesite lot hold. During that 30 day timeframe, Kodiak will work with you and begin the design process.This process is very unique to Kodiak as other builders may only offer up to a week to select your design and hold your homesite. So, instead of battling with other buyers for a house that’s outdated and over budget, with Kodiak, you will have a full month to make sure everything gets built the way you want it. To get an idea of what your building timeline will look like, it’s about 12 months from your first meeting to move in day.

If building is a possibility for you, Kodiak has protections set in place to keep the process clear and transparent. Everyone always talks about the “hidden costs” that pop up when building a house and that can be a very unsettling thought. However, that stigma is in place because some builders are not transparent about costs and don’t set a large enough budget for appliances and hardware. Kodiak’s scope of work is a detailed proposal that outlines everything that will be included in your new home. If a problem were to arise, such as a price increase in material, Kodiak would update you as those changes may affect your budget. Kodiak would provide you with a Plan A and Plan B option, meaning Plan A would give you the choice to stay the course and Plan B would give you the choice to change the course to remain under budget. Kodiak is with you every step of the way from the design, to attending electrical walkthroughs, to move-in day. Kodiak also sends a weekly email with progress updates from the time you break ground right up until move-in day.

Another lovely perk of building instead of buying is that unexpected expenses, such as mold and replacing major appliances, is essentially nonexistent. Your risk of something breaking, because maybe it’s an older home, significantly decreases because everything is brand new. Kodiak has a New Home Limited Warranty for all of their new construction homes which includes 1 year of basic coverage, 2 years of major system coverage and 6 years of major structural defect coverage. For quantifiable benchmarks on the minimum performance of goods, Kodiak Construction also references the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. So, take your time, do your research and figure out if building or buying is the best choice for you.

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