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Articles posted in Centennial Series

Saratoga Centennial – 779 North Broadway

779 North Broadway in Saratoga Springs History of 779 North Broadway – Built in 1882 for William B. Gage who was the proprietor of the United States Hotel for over 45 years.  Gage was married to Caroline Marvin, daughter of James Marvin, co-owner of the hotel. The family resided here until William’s death in 1925. In 1926, James A. Leary, a prominent lawyer and head of the Saratoga County Republicans, purchased…

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Saratoga Centennial – 688 North Broadway

688 North Broadway in Saratoga Springs History of 688 North Broadway – Built in 1877, this property was most likely the first spec house built in Saratoga Springs by Abram Viele and John Darrow. It was sold in 1879 to Carrie Hamilton, who worked at Dr. Hamilton’s Medical Institute located at that time at 44 Franklin Street. Built as a summer cottage, for decades it was only occupied in the…

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Saratoga Centennial – 658 North Broadway

658 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs The Wayland Mansion History of 658 North Broadway – 658 North Broadway is rich in Saratoga history. The original owner was Mary Young Beach Burr Wayland. Three times widowed by age 47, and after Rev. John Wayland’s death in 1863, Mary operated this property as a rooming house in the 1870s and 1880s. Mary demolished the original house and built what currently stands in 1876….

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Saratoga Centennial – 795 North Broadway

795 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs Red Stone Villa History of 795 Broadway – Built in 1886, Red Stone Villa is another legacy designed by S. Gifford Slocum (see more about Slocum). The original owner was Eli Clinton Clark who was in the lumber business and owned the Clark Mills in Washington County. Decorative terracotta tiles reflect the influence of Henry Hobson Richardson as also seen in the Algonquin Building. The property is…

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Saratoga Centennial – 791 N Broadway

791 North Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY History of 791 North Broadway – Built in 1895, this property was home to Lucy Skidmore Scribner, founder of Skidmore College. Lucy Scribner was the wife of publisher John Blair Scribner and upon his death in 1879 she utilized her fortune to make a difference in the lives of countless women. In 1903 Scribner formed the Young Women’s Industrial Club. Its constitution promoted “the…

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Centennial Series: 748 North Broadway

748 North Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 History of 748 North Broadway – This classic Victorian Gothic cottage was built in 1878 for Edward Robbins Stevens and his wife Isadora. Stevens owned a book and stationery store on the corner of Broadway and Spring Streets. After Edward’s death in 1889, Isadora kept the house and rented it out during racing season. An entrepreneur, Isadora also was the proprietor of The…

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Saratoga Centennial – 475 Broadway

475 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY U.S. Post Office History of 475 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY – Built in 1910, massive bronze doors front the Beaux Arts building. James Knox Taylor was the supervising architect of the United States Treasury from 1897 – 1912 and many of his buildings are today on the National Historic Register. Marble columns adorn the facade and in 1910 the building was fronted with marble…

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Saratoga Centennial: The Canfield Casino

The Canfield Casino Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, NY John Morrissey, a New York State Senator, Congressman, former heavyweight champion and founder of the Saratoga Race Course built the Casino in 1870. His gaming club was so successful attracting Saratoga Springs’ visitors to nighttime gambling. In 1871, the addition to the east was added. The stately Italianate structure contained a bar and large gaming room on the first floor. On…

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Saratoga Centennial: 487 Broadway

487 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY History of 487 Broadway – Designed by architect R. Newton Brezee, this home was built in 1885 for Davis Coleman, who resided on the second and third floors. The main floor was retail space. The influence of Henry Hobson Richardson is seen in this building, as was also seen in last week’s building at 510 Broadway. The checkerboard detail of the ornamental brick, the arches,…

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Saratoga Centennial: 510 Broadway

510 Broadway in Saratoga Springs (originally 504-518 Broadway) The Algonquin Building “Where Luxury and History Reside” History of The Algonquin Building – The Algonquin Building was built in 1892-1893 for James Pardue, and designed by architect S. Gifford Slocum with a Richardson Romanesque style. Originally called the Pardue Building, the named changed because the study of the Algonquin Indian Nation was a hobby of James Pardue. Originally built for mixed-use,…

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