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Realtor to Mom & Back: Video Conferencing

A Mobile Solution for Parents on the Go

By Tara Garrett

I love technology! I’m not as savvy as the average teenager these days, but I’m always into some type of networking, using the newest office apps or trying out a new device. It all makes life a lot easier for me. My favorite part about all the technological resources we have available is video conferencing and chatting.

As far as real estate goes, I am thankful to work at a firm that offers constant seminars and various classes on a weekly basis – resources I  like to take advantage of to ensure my clients have an outstanding experience. That being said, any parent can understand the challenge of balancing your schedule with a toddler in tow. But with video conferencing, I’ve been able to attend all of our classes from my home, while my 3-year-old daughter plays via my laptop or even my phone.

WhRealtor-Mom-Tara_Kane-Webcast-copyatever type of device you use, there are many options available to you. Examples include Skype (a free download and you create a screen name to make and accept video calls), FaceTime (Apple users), (paid service), and others.

We use mostly Google Hangouts because it’s free to use and allows for screen sharing, so I can easily view class presentations on my laptop or phone while listening to the presenter and group conversation. It also has a mute button for when my daughter decides she’d like to attend. All that you need is a (free) Gmail account to get started. Once into it, you can use it anywhere that your phone has cell service, so unlike most video conferencing, you don’t necessarily need WiFi to connect…you could even video conference from a ballet lesson if you had to.

In a world of constantly changing technology, it’s a shame not to take full advantage of all the conveniences that are offered. Whether you have young children, are expecting, or are just a parent on the go, it’s nice to know there are tools out there to make your work-life balance more manageable. I’m a mom first, but I absolutely love my career and intend to always keep as current as possible. Thankfully, video conferencing will help keep me there for the time being!

About the Author

Tara KaneTara Garrett is a residential real estate salesperson at Roohan Realty specializing in Saratoga Springs and surrounding areas. Tara is a newlywed, mother of three year old Abiageal, and is expecting her second child. Her blog series: From Realtor to Mom & Back, explores tips, tricks, and advice on achieving work-life balance with a growing family.


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