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Moving? Here’s How to Unpack Like A Pro

Moving? 5 Ways To Unpack Like A Pro


by Eli King Conklin | August 3, 2021
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1.  ABC: Always Be Categorizing

Simplify your packing and labeling system so you’ll know what to unpack first at-a-glance. For each room, group items together as A, B & C and boldly label your boxes with the corresponding letter:

A being for frequently used/daily items
B for things that you use regularly but don’t need to have out ASAP, and
C for occasional things like holiday décor, mementos and seasonal equipment

Unpacking each room will be a breeze when you don’t have to waste time sifting through ALL your stuff to find the essentials.


2.   Group Boxes in Their Appropriate Rooms

This might seem obvious in theory, but when you’re rushing to unload everything as quickly as possible, it’s tempting to just dump everything in heaping piles right inside the door — don’t! Placing boxes and furniture in the appropriate rooms will make unpacking more manageable (and your new space feel less stressful off the bat).


3.  Face the Basics First

The most urgent rooms to unpack will be the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Focusing on only those rooms individually will make the process go faster (and if you used the tip above, unpacking just the A’s and B’s will suffice). Save closets and other storage areas, dining and entertainment rooms for later, it will be less overwhelming.


4.  Say No To Storage Units 

Storage units seem like a good idea…until months (or years) and hundreds of dollars later when you realize you STILL have to go through them. Out of sight is truly out of mind, and it’s hard to get motivated to clean out your storage unit when your house is finally unpacked and settled. Unless you’re in a situation where you truly don’t have the space to store your things, stay away from them!


5.  Get Moving With Roohan

As your local real estate experts since 1969, the agents at Roohan Realty know how stressful moving can be, even after we’ve found you the perfect place. That’s why we proudly offer all of our clients complimentary use of our moving truck, free boxes and packing tape. Don’t stress about finding your new home or how you’ll get there – call one of our real estate professionals today! (518) 587-4500

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