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Sunflower Fields Near Saratoga

Sunflower Fields Near Saratoga

4 Local Places To Find Beautiful Blooms

u-pick sunflowers near saratoga ny

by Eli King Conklin | August 15, 2022
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Sunflower season is here! The flowers – which are native to North America – typically bloom just from late July/early August through September. Though their season is short, sunflowers are an enduring symbol of summer, and we have a couple options for fields to visit near Saratoga. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or a family photo op, here’s where to find these beautiful blooms nearby:

Herrington’s Pumpkins
Buskirk, NY – Directions
Open daily 5PM to sunset.
$5/person, includes 3 stems. Over 6 walkable acres of sunflowers, take all the photos you want. Beautiful sunset shots!

Pitney Meadows
Saratoga Springs, NY – Directions
Pick-your-own CSA memberships available (though they’re full for 2022, so you can join the waitlist for next year).

Bowman Orchards
Rexford, NY – Directions
Through Aug. 27: Tuesdays – Saturdays 9AM-4PM | Aug. 29-Oct. 30: Mondays – Sundays 9AM-5PM
$5 entry fee per person. Bucket of flowers: $30 | Cup of flowers: $18
You-pick sunflowers; there is also a farm store, animals, and wooden play area.

Perry’s Sunflower Maze
Amsterdam, NY – Directions
Open 2PM-6PM.
Kids $5 (under 3 free), adults $19, families up to 5 members $25 total. Check website for details and to confirm hours. U-pick sunflowers, sunflower maze, sunflower yoga, kids maze & paints.


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