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Health and Wellness Month

September: Health and Wellness Month

Weight Loss Challenge, Guest Chef Series Begin

Update (Oct. 18, 2016)

The results of our intra office weight loss challenge for Health and Wellness month are in! As a quick recap, we designated four captains, who drafted their teams at the beginning of September:

  • Amy Sutton’s team Tons of Fun
  • Chris Benton’s Bod Squad
  • Gail Anderson’s Fun Fillies and Buckin’ Colts
  • Jack Minehan’s NY Giant Losers

We all had our starting weights logged by the lovely (and very discreet) Cindy Manz, and weighed in again at the end of Health and Wellness month to see which team tallied the highest percentage of weight lost. The results:


Health and Wellness month organizer, Kate Deloria, announces the results of the weight loss challenge

Chris Benton’s Bod Squad wins! The Bod Squad lost the most in September, led by team member (and Roohan Photographer) Derek Hallquist, who shed 24 pounds!!!

Overall, we lost a total of 265 lbs across all four teams! To help illustrate the impressive poundage lost, we worked with Sunnyside Gardens to secure 265 lbs of pumpkins for this photo.


Roohan Realty poses with 256 pounds worth of pumpkins… the amount we lost collectively during our Health and Wellness month weight oss challenge! (October 2016)

Original post

We’re stepping it up this fall by designating September as Health and Wellness month! All month long our office will be focusing on active lifestyles, hosting wellness speakers, inviting Guest Chefs to serve up deliciously healthy dishes, and of course, engaging in a little intra-office competition.

We kicked everything off this morning with our first Guest Chef, Chad Beatty (Owner of Saratoga Publishing), who treated our team of over 50 to his “Beatty’s Better Body Berry Blasting Fruit Smoothies:”


Kate Deloria (L) and Cindy Manz (R) pose with Chad Beatty of Saratoga Publishing who kicked off Health and Wellness month as our first guest chef


tap/click to enlarge

tap/click to enlarge

We’ve done Roohan Realty weight loss challenges here before, but are switching it up in September by splitting into teams who were drafted this morning by four designated captains: Jack Minehan, Amy Sutton, Gail Anderson, and Chris Benton.

Weight loss challenge team captains (from left to right) Jack Minehan, Amy Sutton, Gail Anderson and Chris Benton during drafting

Weight loss challenge team captains (from left to right) Jack Minehan, Amy Sutton, Gail Anderson and Chris Benton choosing their teams this morning

This challenge actually started about a week ago when the team captains were chosen and an informal “bulking period” was declared for the rest of us to get our weights up before draft day (today). After teams were picked, we each had our starting weights recorded (by the very discreet Cindy Manz!) and will be competing for the month of September to see which team can lose the largest combined percentage of body weight.

And the teams are…

Team Minehan:

Gerard Wise
Val Thompson
Mara King
Kate R. Naughton
Jillian Mayott
Joan Lighthart
Christine Hogan Barton
Michelle Mebert
Meg Minehan


Team Sutton:

Tom Roohan
Paul Kisselbrack
Cindy Manz
Robin Dalton
Kati Hauser
Maryellen Maxwell
Oliver Aldrich
Michele West
Conner Roohan


Team Benton:

Kate Deloria
Jason Thomas
Derek Hallquist
Beth Todd
Cathy Libecci
Teresa Gardner
Dave Towne
Tamara Valentine
Karen Murray
Eli King


Team Anderson:

Earline Johnson
Jane Mehan
Mary Flanagan
Stephen Towne
Fran Ryan
Darlene Chorman
Gail DeLilli
Barry Potoker
Palma Pedrick
Jim Collins

Strategies so far have included group walks, pilates classes, taunting other teams with doughnuts, and wine-protein diets. To health!

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