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The Scoop on Local Ice Cream Shops

The Scoop on Local Ice Cream Shops

Saratoga-area creameries close windows, open drive thru’s amid COVID-19

Craving ice cream? In this era of COVID-19, you might not be able to hit the walk-up window of your favorite Saratoga-area creamery. But that doesn’t mean they’re not serving! Our local ice cream shops have made accommodations to keep customers safe while dishing out sweet treats for summer. Here’s the scoop:

ice cream saratoga ny

Dairy Haus

476 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs | Directions
Hours (as of June 1, 2020): Noon – 8PM daily
(518) 796-5568

Picnic tables/outdoor seating unavailable until further notice, but not to worry, the good people at Dairy Haus have your back! They’ve opened up a drive through system where customers can give their orders and have the ice cream delivered right to their car. Enter through the Doggy Playcare parking lot. If you’d like to park and eat, pull right into the parking lot of Mark Lawson Antiques next door. NEW THIS YEAR: slices of ice cream cake ( Menu changes daily, check their Facebook page for the flavors of the day.

dairy haus saratoga springs ny ice cream cake slices

Photo source: Dairy Haus’ Facebook page


Farmer’s Daughters’ Drive In

882 NY-29, Saratoga Springs | Directions
Hours: Noon – 8PM daily
(518) 584-8562

Farmer’s Daughters’ Drive In is all over the safety guidelines, with several options for you to enjoy their food and ice cream. Here’s what they posted to Facebook on May 29:

“We will open some of the picnic tables this weekend! Call your food ahead , pick it up on the drive thru lane closest to the road and sign. Then park with your family on the left or right side of the building. Everyone should have a mask until they get to the picnic table.
You can take your mask off and enjoy your food. When your done eating, we have a line for people with a mask, that starts at the pavilion. 6 feet lines and one window to order your ice cream for the family. If you need help to the tables our staff will help. All the tables are 10 feet apart and the hill looks sad without families and friends! We only have 10 parking spots for the picnic tables. Please keep your children within 6 feet of your table. The 3 lane drive thru will be open as usual tomorrow! 12-8. We are waiting for the Governor to give us the green light to transition into a full opening inside and outside.”

Humpty Dumpty Ice Cream & Subs

70 West Ave., Saratoga Springs | Directions
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11AM – 9PM; Sunday Noon – 9PM
(518) 584-4682
humpty dumpty ice cream and subs saratoga ny 2020

humpty dumpty ice cream and subs saratoga ny 2020 covid-19 drive throughThe drive-through at Humpty Dumpty starts at the left of the building. Follow the arrows around the back and to the canopy area where the picnic tables usually are. Someone will take your order and deliver your ice cream, hot dogs or subs right to your door. BONUS: If you’re just there for hot dogs or subs, you can bypass the ice cream line and just pull up to the front where someone will be out to take your order. Flavors change weekly, check their Facebook page. Cash only.


King Brothers Dairy

311 King Rd, Schuylerville | Directions
Hours: Monday through Saturday 9AM – 9PM; Sunday Noon – 9PM
518-695-MILK (6455)

First and foremost, King’s farm store is awesome, and if you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely check it out. It’s brand new, immaculate, and sells everything from their decadent chocolate milk to eggs, Oscar’s meats, other meats, bring-home house made pizzas, beef sticks, New Skete cheese spreads, homemade muffins, chips, dips, and of course…ice cream. They have a large variety of flavors from classics to their own creations like JPM (Just Plain Maple ice cream), Bacon Buzz dip, and County Fair (cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles). Plus shakes, sundaes and UNICORN sundaes, flurries, giant chipwiches and wine floats. Yes please! Check their Facebook page for more.

As for serving, you can wear a mask and make your purchase inside – their “Super Scoopers” are masked and gloved. Take it home or enjoy it in the parking lot where there’s ample space to eat in or near your car while you stay at a safe distance from other patrons. They also have a new ice cream window which will be opening as soon as they’re able.

king brothers dairy schuylerville saratoga ny ice cream

Photo source: King Brothers Dairy’s Facebook page

Stewart’s Shops

Various locations
Hours may vary

Who doesn’t love Stewart’s ice cream, sundaes and milkshakes? Our favorite local convenience store is still serving their famous frozen treats all over the region. Grab your family an a mask and stop in for a pint of your favorite flavor, or try one of their seasonal flavors for summer: Bake Placid Cheesecake, Campfire S’moreo, Mango Dragon Fruit Sherbet, Lemon Raspberry Swirl, Mocha Caramel Crunch,or the NEW Cold Brew Cookie Dough! Follow them on Facebook

stewarts seasonal summer ice cream flavors 2020

Source: Stewart’s Facebook page

May 31, 2020

by Eli King Conklin for Roohan Realty | LinkedIn

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