Top REALTORS® for 2017

Top REALTORS® for 2017

Announcing our Top 10 real estate agents

top agents for 2017
From Left to Right: Christine Hogan Barton, Kate R. Naughton, Valerie Thompson, Tom Roohan, Palma Pedrick, Meg Minehan, Neil Corkery & Amy Sutton.

Congratulations to our top performing REALTORS® of 2017 and to all of our clients who bought or sold a home with us last year (thank you!). Proudly presenting our Top 10 agents, and a few words of advice from each for anyone entering the real estate market in the New Year:

Top 10 agents of 2017:

  1. Valerie Thompson – “Hire a knowledgeable agent, educate yourself and be prepared to make quick decisions in this market.”
  2. Kate R. Naughton – “The most important thing in selling your home is having your home buyer ready. The home should be clean, decluttered and depersonalized. Your moving so pick up boxes and start packing.”
  3. Meg Minehan – “Right now we are in the middle of a challenging market. There are many more buyers out there than sellers. Don’t settle, the right thing will come along. Take your time and choose wisely, this is a huge investment.”
  4. Palma Pedrick – “I don’t recommend waiting until spring to list your home. We have buyers ready to buy and the inventory is low. Take advantage of less competition now!”
  5. Christine Hogan-Barton – “Buying (and selling) a home is an amazing and exciting life event, well worth the effort, but it can be overwhelming and stressful. Make sure you have a good team of people working for you. We can make your life easier and the experience an enjoyable one. We do it every day and we love what we do.”
  6. Joanna Rockwood – “A tip I like to tell my buyers is to start with a list: your must-have’s, your would-be-nice’s, and your no-way’s. Refer to it often. Once you think you’ve found ‘the one,’ look back at that list to verify! Buying a home is a marathon, not a sprint. And my tip for sellers: less is more. A fresh coat of paint and some de-cluttering goes a long way in how well your house shows and how quickly it will sell.”
  7. Conner Roohan – “Not all Realtors are created equal. Protect your most valuable asset by working with a full-time professional.”
  8. Jack Minehan – “There’s more to a house than number of bedrooms and baths. Be sure to take advantage of all the inspections available. It’s better to be made aware of an issue during the inspection period than after you close.”
  9. Jane Mehan – “Don’t be overwhelmed. Our real estate market is great, and the projections for 2018 are even better. Let us help you sort it all out, whether you are buying or selling. It’s our job…and we love our job! “
  10. Darlene Chorman – “The best time to list your home is Jan-March when Buyers are anxious for new listings and other Sellers are waiting for the grass to turn green and put their flowers out. Waiting until spring puts you in the peak of inventory when Buyers have the most choices and you as a Seller have the most competition. List your home as soon as possible!”
  11. (Commercial) Amy Sutton – “Kindness, consideration and generosity go just as far in a business transaction as they do in everyday life.”

“Rookie of the Year” Realtor®: Neil Corkery


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