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Meet Meg Minehan

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Favorite local eats?
I really love to cook so it’s hard to pick a favorite restaurant and dish. I think the one go to place that we return to time and time again and that I always order the same thing would be the Lake Ridge in Round Lake. The Veal Jacqueline is an amazing dish with roasted asparagus, fork tender veal and crab meat with a wonderful Bearnaise sauce. I always order the same thing because I don’t cook veal at home.

I also love the herb crusted rack of lamb at Rocco’s at the Jonesville Store. This place is great. Both restaurants are off the beaten path and that’s part of their charm. Make no mistake, you will need reservations on a weekend, but it’s well worth the trip to both.

Favorite Movie?
This is a tough one. My husband will watch the same movie over and over, but I kind of look at a movie like a book, once the story has been told, it’s time to move on to another story. Awakenings (1990) with Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro is a favorite and based on a true story. I also loved The Fisher King (1991) with Jeff Bridges, it was amazing.

Favorite hobbies?
I love to cook. It’s the only form of artistic expression I have. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket or draw a straight line, so cooking for my friends and family is one way I have of sharing the love. I have a dish fetish and have two 5ft wide and 7ft high hutches filled with different dishes for entertaining. I also like to go to the beach. I grew up on Long Island Sound and miss the ocean all the time. I would be very happy to have sand in my shoes, always. I play golf once a week in the summer with 19 different women and sail on Saratoga Lake in our boat, Blue Cheer, with my husband of 25 years.

Most memorable moment at Roohan Realty?
Both my parents passed away a week to the day from each other in 2001. My mother after a 9 month struggle with cancer, and my dad a week later of a broken heart. When I came back to work, the office had taken a collection to send my husband and I on a little get-a-way so I could regain my sanity. I will NEVER forget how my Roohan Family pulled together for me.

Most interesting/surprising job you’ve had (besides real estate)?
I was a bartender out west for two years before moving back to the Albany area. I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a year, and Aspen, Colorado for a year. And yes, there was skiing involved!!

What is your dream house must-have?
A screened porch, inground pool and outdoor kitchen.

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meg minehan sailing on saratoga lake
Getting ready to set sail on Saratoga Lake
meg minehan tupper lake wild center
A recent trip to The Wild Center in Tupper Lake with two of my three beloved grandchildren
meg minehan homemade pizza
One of [my husband] Jack’s favorites – my homemade pizza
meg minehan british virgin islands
Sunset photo taken during a recent sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands

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