Realtor to Mom & Back: Chowderfest 2015

By Tara Garrett | February 3, 2015

In my household, we spend all of January looking forward to the one event that brightens our winter: Chowderfest.

Over the years, Chowderfest has grown as an event, and we’ve grown as a family. It used to be about hanging out in downtown Saratoga Springs for hours to sample chowders and $2 beers. Now; as an expectant mother with a preschool-aged daughter; it’s about getting out of the house on time, petting all the dogs, finding dessert chowders, staying warm, getting our picture taken, and getting to my daughter’s 1pm ice skating lesson without missing out on hot chocolate.

Our first stop was Roohan Realty, where Abiageal had her picture taken with their Chowderfest inspired clam ice sculpture, “Clammy.” My husband got to sample some of Augie’s delicious New England style clam chowder, and I got to check my office mailbox. Their “three bite” bread bowl presentation was a huge hit with my husband and attendees.

My husband absolutely must have Druthers and Esperantos. I, on the other hand, was lucky to sample anything other than hot chocolate. This year, our 17 year old niece and some great friends/clients of mine joined us. During our whirlwind tour of Broadway, they brought me a few chowders to sample between bathroom breaks. I must say that Esperanto’s Chicken Doughboy chowder was my absolute favorite. We got to meet some fun dog and cat mascots outside of Fingerpaint‘s office, had an amazing family photo taken at Impressions (only $2 for the magnetic sleeve, or free without!), and my 3 year old loved “Tall Boy” & “Clammy.”

All in all, not too shabby for an hour and a half of arctic weather. The best part – we made it to ice skating on time without a meltdown and my clients had a blast too!

Until next year Chowderfest!

Tara’s Chowderfest Photos

About the Author

Tara Garrett (formerly Kane) is a residential real estate salesperson at Roohan Realty specializing in Saratoga Springs and surround areas. Tara is a newlywed, mother of three year old Abiageal, and is expecting her second child in a few months. Her blog series: From Realtor to Mom & Back, explores tips, tricks, and advice on achieving work-life balance with a growing family.