National Tile Day: Tile Trends for 2017

Celebrate National Tile Day

what’s trending in tile for 2017

national tile day 2017

Each year, different trends take hold in home design. We want to help keep you up to date on popular housing trends, so for National Tile Day today, we are highlighting the tile trends of 2017. Let’s take a look at what materials and designs are most popular, as well as trending colors, shapes, and sizes.

Tile Materials and Designs

One major trend for 2017 is making tile look like something it’s not. You can disguise your floor as anything from wood to marble with realistic tile work this year. Here are the hottest trends for materials and designs:

national tile day 2017 wood tiles
Wood-look is trending like crazy in tile design
  • Wood-Look Tile. Ask anyone who knows about tile and they’ll tell you that wood-look is the number one seller right now. That’s probably because it looks more authentic than ever before and offers excellent durability. Basically, it’s the beauty of hardwood floors without worrying about warping or other issues that are associated.
  • Metal and Cement-Look Tile. You might be scratching your head on this one, but metal and cement looks are popular in modern homes. It gives a house that post-industrial look some are going after.
  • Textile-Look Tile. Tile that imitates the look of fabric can give your floor a warm, soft look without sacrificing durability.
  • Ceramics. Classic ceramics like terra cotta are looking to make a comeback this year.
  • Marble-Look Tile. Marble has always been recognized as a classy, sophisticated design element. It’s no surprise that this design is hot right now, because it probably always will be.
national tile day 2017 marble look alike tile
Marble-look tile gives any room sophistication and class.

Tile Shapes and Sizes

There are lots of options to choose from when designing a floor or wall. You could choose long and thin tiles, wide squares or something else entirely. This year’s trends have a little of everything.

  • Large brick format. Some have deemed this type of the “kit-kat” look, which are long, thin, rectangular tiles. As the name implies, they’re laid out just like bricks would be.
  • Herringbone. This is an interesting way to lay out those “kit-kats” that gives your floor some depth and style.

    national tile day 2017 herringbone pattern
    Example of herringbone pattern.
  • Hexagons. Even more unique and stylish are hexagonal tiles. These bold shapes can come in all sizes, giving a stunning honeycomb pattern.

    national tile day 2017 hexagonal tiles
    Go bold with hexagonal tiles.
  • Large format tiles. These continue to be popular for flooring. They can open up a room and make it seem larger.
  • Subway tile pattern. These small white rectangles have been used for back splashes and bathroom walls, but they can also look great as a flooring.
  • Mixed Width. If you’re okay with some unbalanced or asymmetrical patterns, this is one way to go. Shake things up with a floor featuring a random assortment of wide and thin planks. The unexpected is always remembered.

Trending Tile Colors

The trend is to ditch boring, bland colors for bold, daring options that stand out. That being said, grays and whites still have their place, they’re just overshadowed by some more interesting hues.

  • Neutral colors. As mentioned before, gray and white tiles aren’t going anywhere. Trends this year mix up these standard neutral colors with exciting elements like splashes of darker or lighter shades of gray and white.
  • Dark colors. For those going bold, dark brown and even nearly black floors are becoming trendy.
  • Greens. Bright, attention-grabbing green back splashes and floors are set up to be popular this year. Of course, here at Roohan Realty, we’re just happy to see that the rest of the world is catching up our love for green!
  • Blues. Deep, emotional blues are also on the rise. Such an accent could make a statement in a bathroom or kitchen. It will certainly help your floors or walls stand out.

    national tile day 2017 tile color trends
    Blue hued tiles are bold and beautiful

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