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Stephanie Anne’s Shoe Salon Moving to Phila Street

Shoe Store Opening on Phila Street

Stephanie Anne’s to expand, move to corner of Broadway & Phila

stephanie anne's shoe store expanding and moving to broadway and phila street in saratoga springs

Springtime signifies growth and renewal, and that’s just what’s happening at Stephanie Anne’s Shoe Salon in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Stephanie Siracusa opened her fashion-forward shoe store at 368 Broadway (downtown Marketplace) only a year ago, but her business has already experienced such tremendous growth that she’s moving to a bigger, more visible space. Starting in May, Siracusa will be showcasing her shoes in what was formerly Reruns Consignment Shop at 1 Phila Street – right on the corner of Broadway and Phila. 

“For growth potential, I needed to move forward, which is a good thing,” said Siracusa. “One of my goals was to have a bigger selling floor as well as having storage room so that I could grow.”

stephanie anne's shoe store opening on phila street in saratoga springs with new styles for spring 2017

Beautiful display of some spring 2017 styles you can buy Stephanie Anne’s

Satisfying customer needs is a top priority for Stephanie Anne’s Shoe Salon, and more space means a better selection for shoppers as well:  “People are interested in seeing more, and have requested it, so I feel like this is going to be a good growth place for me,” Siracusa explained. “It’s tripling my current selling space.”

Commercial real estate in downtown Saratoga Springs doesn’t last long on the market, so Stephanie was thrilled her new storefront is in such a prime location – central to downtown Saratoga Springs, walkable and with lots of public parking nearby, including the Phila Street garage.

“The goal was to have a door to the street, and I was lucky because when something comes up in town, it’s [gone] so quick.”

Siracusa’s knowledge of Saratoga real estate comes from both her business experience and the expertise of friend/Commercial Realtor,  Jillian Mayott

“That’s what I tell everyone about Jillian; she always keeps me in mind, she always lets me know when something is on the market, and I was lucky enough to actually be the first person to see this space on Phila Street,” Siracusa recalled. “Working with Jillian is like working with a friend… a great person, but also super educated in her market.”

Yvonne McEachron from Layered Design has been enlisted to help design the new space, which Siracusa is hoping will be Saratoga’s go-to place for high quality, unique designs at an affordable price.

Beyond the brick and mortar side of the business, Siracusa says she wants to be on the cutting-edge when it comes to shoe style and design, even if it means pushing the envelope a little bit – or getting her clients to: “…branch out, take a chance, be creative; that’s what makes me happy.”

Fashionistas ready to follow Siracusa’s advice will definitely be able to find something different in her new store – like this rose gold sandal with a circular heel (pictured below) she had brought in from the UK.

stephanie anne's shoe store opening on phila street in saratoga springs with designer sandals featuring circular heels

Siracusa calls this “a showstopper disguised as a basic sandal”

The new location at 1 Phila Street is scheduled to open the first week of May. The timing is very “fitting,” with Stephanie Anne’s reopening remarkably coinciding with the store’s 1 year anniversary.

Customers can shop at the store’s current location – 454 Broadway Suite #6 – from now until April 15th.

After April 15th, look for Stephanie Anne’s at the new location on the corner on Broadway & Phila. The space is right next to Impressions, on the building’s lower level: 

stephanie annes shoe salon will reopen at new location at 1 phila street in saratoga springs new york in may 2017

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday: 11AM – 5PM
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday – Saturday: 11AM – 5PM
  • Sunday: 12PM – 5PM

You can also follow Stephanie Anne’s on social media:

Want to know more about commercial real estate in Saratoga?

Jillian Mayott is a Commercial REALTOR® and lifelong resident of the Capital District with extensive knowledge of the local market. View her bio here

Commercial Real Estate Expert Jillian Mayott of Saratoga Springs, NY

Jillian Mayott

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