Leap Of Kindness Day 2024

Leap of Kindness Day 2024: Saratoga Springs, NY

Roohan Realty Participates in Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce #LeapOfKindnessDay

by Jordan Golisano-VanNeil | March 1st, 2024
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The Saratoga County Chamber’s third #LeapOfKindnessDay took place on Thursday, February 29th, 2024. Hundreds of people across Saratoga County took part in the celebration by doing something kind for someone else. From holding the door open for someone to donating supplies to local charities, everyone made good use of their extra day by being a part of something bigger than themselves. Several businesses joined the movement and Roohan Realty is proud to be one of them. This year, in honor of Leap of Kindness Day, our entire office and agents donated to The Westly Community, Saratoga Senior Center, and The Veterans & Community Housing Coalition. We were able to not only donate to theses organizations on leap day but these organizations were generous enough to take us on a tour and educate us on the work that they do for the community. We would like to say thank you to the Chamber for doing such a great job organizing the event and putting so much emphasis on helping others. It truly was a pleasure to serve and support such generous organizations that give to the Saratoga Springs Community.

The Wesley Community

About The Wesley Community

The Wesley Community has provided services and programs with a commitment to compassion, caring and excellence for nearly 50 years. We began as an innovative combination of independent housing for older adults and skilled nursing care on a single site, and have grown to today’s multiplex of services that enhance hundreds of lives daily. Learn more at https://www.thewesleycommunity.org/about-wesley/

Roohan Realty

One of our agents, Carol Raike, was able to come along and help drop off donations to The Wesley Community. She dropped off paper products, cleaning products and other household goods.

Carol Raike | mobile: 518.791.2728 | carolraikerealtor@gmail.com

Saratoga Senior Center

About The Saratoga Senior Center

The Saratoga Senior Center is a non-profit, non-residential community center located in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs. Adults age 50 and over can join and participate in programs, trips & social activities tailored to adults and seniors. Since 1955 the mission of the Saratoga Senior Center is to empower seniors to achieve and maintain personal independence and individual well-being by providing the program structure and support services necessary for healthy recreation, companionship, social involvement, and problem solving. Learn more at https://saratogaseniorcenter.org/about-us/

Roohan Realty

Our agent, Christine Hogan Barton was able to come along and help drop off donations at the Saratoga Senior Center. Trina Lucas was generous enough to take us on a tour of the senior center and educated us on all of the programs that they offer as well as how community members can get involved.

Christine Hogan Barton | mobile: 518.587.4509 | cbarton@roohanrealty.com

Veterans & Community Housing Coalition

About The Veterans & Community Housing 

Veterans & Community Housing Coalition (VCHC) was incorporated in 1983. In response to the increasing number of homeless Veterans, Vet House was opened. With funding from the Veterans Administration, Vet House is a fourteen bed transitional home for homeless Veterans. They are the only woman’s housing centers for Female veterans in all of New York State and 1 out of 7 in the country. Learn more at https://www.vchcny.org/about/agency-history

Roohan Realty

Our agents, Val Thompson was able to come along and help drop off donations at the Veterans & Community Housing Coalition. She dropped off paper products, cleaning products, food and other house hold goods. Michelle Viola-Straight was generous enough to take take time to educate us their programs, how they support our veterans and how we can give back.

Valerie Thompson | mobile: 518.421.7264 | vhtrealtor@gmail.com

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