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Rave Review: G.A. Bove Fuels

G.A. Goes a-Bove and Beyond

Delivers Outstanding Service

Furnace trouble?

Let me recommend a local company that goes above and beyond, and that employs the most honest people I’ve ever come across – I can’t say enough good
things about G.A. Bove Fuels!GA Bove Fuels Logo

I’ll start by saying that I am not a customer of theirs. I have natural gas. I used them one time last year when my furnace wouldn’t kick on. As it turned out (that time) I had actually …cut the thermostat wire. Yup. But they were very nice, and didn’t charge me too much for my blunder. Whoops!

Last week, I called them because I needed a part for a furnace in a rental home. First, they looked locally for the part, but with no luck, they went ahead and ordered it for me. Since it was sub-zero temperatures, a friend and I had to drain all the pipes in the house (luckily my tenants were away on winter break!) and then pour antifreeze down all the drains and in the washing machine. 

When the part came in, G.A. Bove showed up and installed it, only to find out the furnace still wasn’t working properly. They said it needed a circuit board. After tax and labor, my bill was over $600! $600!!!

GA Bove Facebook

Photo: G.A. Bove Fuels’ Facebook page

While I was freaking out inside, I was calm and nice on the outside. After all, it wasn’t their fault and I had no choice but to fix it. They drove back to their office in Mechanicville to pick up the circuit board, and when they returned (about 5 PM) I wrote them a check and asked them to call me when they were done so I could lock up the house.

About 45 min later, they called to say they were done and had some good news. Turned out, it wasn’t the circuit board after all….it was a short to the ground. On top of that, my bill was cut significantly – from $600 to only $209!

Mind you, these people:

  • made 3 trips to my house,
  • installed the original part,
  • installed a new circuit board,
  • uninstalled the circuit board,
  • figured out the issue,
  • got the furnace working, and
  • saved me a couple hundred dollars!

I can’t think of a person or a company that wouldn’t have just left the new board since I had already paid for it…but they put the customer first. They the the most honest and reliable company around!

Next time you have furnace issues, definitely call G.A. Bove! (518) 664-5111

Thank you to the guys that worked on my furnace! You Rock!

Saratoga Realtor Jane Mehan Roohan RealtyAbout the Author

Jane Mehan is an Associate Broker at Roohan Realty specializing in residential sales and Buyer/Seller representation. She brings over 30 years of local expertise as a resident of the Saratoga area is very active in our local community.

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