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Fresh Eggs, Anyone?


Oct. 13, 2014

The hens are apparently loving their new home and laying eggs daily. We brought three dozen into Roohan Realty’s office today to share ­čÖé

Agent Darlene Chorman brings in fresh eggs from home

Agent Darlene Chorman brings in fresh eggs from home



Sept. 30, 2014

The Nest

Our last child “flew” the nest in April and moved to Boston. In his absence, we decided to embark on a new adventure: growing our family in an unexpected way.

Raising chicks for fresh eggs

Our custom hen house

We purchased 10 adorable baby chicks to join our Golden Retriever and 2 cats. My husband, Jim, spent weeks building their custom chicken coop, with:

  • a roosting ladder,
  • a flower box,
  • nesting boxes with exterior doors to collect the eggs,
  • vinyl flooring for easy maintenance,
  • a fully-fenced enclosure to protect against predators,
  • 50′ fenced play yard to run around in, and
  • an oil painting of a Rooster serving hens a glass of red wine

The result is one very classy coop – only the best for our young girls. They seem to be quite happy with their new digs, and even┬ástarted┬álaying eggs!

The Eggs

The first one laid a single egg a day for almost two weeks. But she dropped them all over the coop in random places, in fact any place except the nesting boxes we built.

We’re now up to four hens each laying an egg a day. But still, they drop them everywhere but the nesting boxes.

Jim and I have been YouTubing, Googling and even consulted a Chicken Whisperer (yes, there is such a thing!).

The recommendation: put golf balls in the nesting boxes and the hens see them and get the idea. So, we went ahead and planted some golf balls in the nesting boxes. Then, we put the hens in the boxes with them and pet them gently telling them, “this is what you’re supposed to do!”

One of our first eggs

Our first egg

Just when we thought, “we can’t believe we’re doing this!”…it started to work.

Of the four eggs we get a day, two are now dropped in the nesting boxes. The other two still end up on the floor, but they’ll catch on, and eventually we’ll have ten eggs a day (hopefully all in the boxes).

Life changes when your kids move out, leaving more time to travel, socialize, etc. We do all that too, but…chickens? They really are entertaining, and everyone who visits wants to see them. So, fresh eggs anyone?

[Note: the manure is also great for gardens!]

About the author

Darlene Chorman is an Associate Broker at Roohan Realty and longtime resident of the┬ácapitol region. A former animal technician, some of her other hobbies include hiking (she’s an accomplished “46’er”) and volunteer work, including Habitat for Humanity, the Festival of Trees, and Rebuilding Saratoga.┬á

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