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Code Blue Saratoga Springs

Code Blue Call To Action for Volunteers

By Michelle Mebert

Code Blue Saratoga Light

A blue light signals that the Code Blue shelter is open

Having lived in the Northeast my whole life, cold, snowy winters are the norm. This winter has been one of the coldest I remember, with temperatures barely reaching double digits on a daily basis.  Fortunately, I have a warm house to go home to everyday.  Unfortunately that is not the case for everyone in Saratoga Springs.

Thankfully, when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, Code Blue Saratoga Springs opens to provide a warm place for our city’s homeless population to spend the night.

The shelter is run by a group of very dedicated volunteers.  A few weeks ago, they posted on their Facebook page that they were in need of more volunteers.   My husband signed up for a shift as a companion and while doing so, talked to people about how the rest of our family could help.  While companions need to be over 18, the setup team and clean up team are perfect opportunities for families to help out.

Last night, my husband, Tom and I brought our kids, TJ (16) and Katie (12) to the shelter to help

Code Blue Saratoga Springs beds

One the many cots the Mebert family helped set up

setup for what was sure to be a busy night, since temperatures were expected to fall below zero.  Our job was to make sure each cot had a clean blanket and pillow and that everything was ready for the guests.  The four of us quickly made up about 40 cots then asked if there was anything else we could do.  A volunteer mentioned that they were very low on sweatpants, and underwear.  So, we made a quick trip to Walmart and stocked up on the needed items and brought them back to the shelter just as people were starting to check in for the night.

Volunteering as a family was a very rewarding experience that reminded us of how fortunate we are and that there’s always an opportunity to help others.  It’s something that we are going to continue to do on a regular basis.  The Code Blue website has more information about the shelter, and how to volunteer.

About the Author

Realtor Michelle Mebert Saratoga SpringsMichelle Mebert is a residential agent at Roohan Realty specializing in Seller and Buyer representation. She lives locally with her husband and two children, sits on the Board of Directors for the Saratoga City Ballet Company, is a member of “The Saratoga Skirts” tennis team, and a volunteer with community organizations like Code Blue. Contact her at (518) 248-9446 or


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