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What is a Certified Buyer Representative?

What is a Certified Buyer Representative?

How this niche designation helps home buyers

what is a certified buyer representative

Roohan agents Neil Corkery and Palma Pedrick each earned their Certified Buyer Representative (CBR®) designations last month to better help their clients. How does this add value for buyers? Here’s what they had to say:

Neil Corkery, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR

Neil Corkery, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR®

What is a Certified Buyer Representative? A Certified Buyer Representative (CBR®) is an agent who has been specially trained to represent buyers in their real estate transaction. Agents with CBR® after their title have completed a licensee course covering the most current laws, resources and best practices necessary to represent purchasers in a legal, ethical, and effective fashion.

Why did you decide to earn the CBR® designation?
We wanted to stay up-to-date on best practices and new tools to provide the highest level of service for our buyer clients.

What were some things covered in the course?
It focused on how to tailor our expertise as licensed real estate agents to counsel and assist buyers in the selection of their home and negotiation process.

Palma Pedrick, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR

Palma Pedrick, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR®

Did you learn anything that surprised you?
Learning about the ways communication has changed in our industry over the years…especially in terms of technology and response times.

What is our local real estate market currently like for Buyers? Any challenges or pain points that they should be aware of?
Many locations in Saratoga County currently have low inventory, which can lead to multiple offer situations where several buyers are competing for the property. In this type of market, working with an agent with a CBR® designation is especially beneficial because we not only guide buyers through the purchase of their property…we also help educate them on it. That way, when the right house does comes along, our clients can feel confident making an offer and have a deeper understanding of the entire process after closing.

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For more information or to start your home search with a Certified Buyer Representative, contact:

Neil Corkery
(518) 588-8581 | | bio | listings

Palma Pedrick
(518) 669-5199 | | bio | listings

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