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Broadway Stroll 1969

Broadway Stroll the Summer of ‘69

by Mary Flanagan, Associate Real Estate Broker & lifelong Saratogian

2019 marks Roohan Realty’s 50th year in business! We would like to take you back to 1969 and share what downtown Saratoga Springs, NY looked like 50 years ago. We’ve been having a great time reading old newspapers and hope you enjoy seeing the historic Roohan Realty connections as much as we do. Community involvement and public service have been ingrained in our business from the very beginning – a commitment that continues today. 

We will take a walk down the west side of Broadway:

  • starting at the Community Theater (Roohan Realty Office) at 519 Browadway
  • making our way down to Washington Street (Starbuck’s), and crossing there
  • and returning down the east side of Broadway

Major fires have destroyed some of the buildings, and the rise in vibrant investments to our Broadway landscape have brought new buildings where it was not fiscally prudent to repair. Others were marvelously refurbished and renovated to current building codes. Today, we have a bustling downtown with shops, restaurants, hotels and lots of people.

In 1969, doctors, dentists, attorneys, were all in practice along Broadway, and although the latter some remain, all the doctors and dentists have moved off Broadway. The magnificent Grand Union and the United States Hotels were long gone, leaving blocks of Broadway open for new businesses. A scattered few remain in town, although their location may have changed; they are noted with *.

517-519 Community Theater
513 Dr. Taub, optometrist
511 Dr. Cumming, optometrist
509 Temple Sinai*
505 Dr. Isenberg, Dr. Moore
Dr. Rockwell, MD

Cross Walton Street

497 The Windsor – rooming house
495 Dr. Friedsen, MD
493 Dr. Harrington, MD
491 Tom Thum Bookstore
489 Howard Cline Real Estate
487 Dr. McGovern, MD
475-485 Post Office*

Cross Church Street

473 The Adirondack Trust Co.*
465 WJ Burke & Sons, Funeral Directors*
(the Funeral Home@ 628 North Broadway)*
461 Glickmans Men’s & Boy’s Shop
459 Lou’s Luncheonette
455 Tarantino’s Insurance Agency
453 Baldy’s Newsroom
449 Globe Supply
447 Rate TV and Radio Service
445 G&G Restaurant
437-443 Office Building

Pedestrian Mall

429 Apartment Building

Mr. Jack’s His N Hers

Ad for Mr. Jack's on broadway in 1969

423 The Saratoga Inn, Law Offices of Carroll and Amyot
417 Dr Feynman, MD
415 New Worden Inn Motel

Cross Division Street

389 Red Barn
387 The Office
383 Niagara Mohawk Power Co.
373-379 The Perry Building
379 Red Carpet Liquor
377 Apartment Building entrance
375 Daniel on Broadway, beauty shop
371 Schrades Florist*
369 Spa Realty
363-365 Adelphi Hotel *
361 Adelphi Grill
355 Gondola Restaurant
353 Rip Van Dam Hotel

At Washington Street – Cross Broadway
To our right towards Spring Street is:

328 The House of Gee
348 Wells Pharmacy
348-358 Shackleford Building
350 D’Andrea’s Restaurant *
354 Park Apartments
356 Roxy Cleaners
358 Chamber of Commerce*
360 The Stroup Building
Van Voast & Leonard Insurance
Dr. Roohan & Dr. Behrmann, dentists

Cross Phila Street

366 State Bank of Albany
368 Office Building
Law offices of Grey and Snyder*
James O’Brien, attorney
Nichols & Collins, attorneys
372-376 The Arcade Building*
The Huddle Hut
Patricia’s Gift Shop
3 floors of office space
378 Prudential Life Insurance
Richard Mullaney, attorney*
380 Silverhart Associates
382 Berkowitz Jewelry Store
384 The Boyle Building
Dr. Leo Boyle, optometrist
Aaron Brenner, attorney
John Simone, attorney
386 Saratoga Gift Shop
388-394 JJ Newberry Co.
396 Community Store
398 Maggi’s
400 American Finance Co.
402 MacFinn Drug Co.
404 N. Fox*
408-412 Starbuck’s Department Store
424-426 Waterbury Building
426 Triangle Shoe Store
430-436 Walbridge Building
430 Squires East
432 Carey’s Gift Shop
436 Saratoga Men’s Shop

Cross Caroline Street

438 Rowe Shoes
442 McGirr’s Specialty Shop
444 Office Building
Law Office of King, Duval & Murphy *
Dr. McGirr, dentist
446 Endicott Johnson Shoe Store

Clark’s Discount Department Store

clark's department store saratoga springs ny ad in 1969

456 Covkins Little Folks Shop
458 Fern Tavern
462 Erlanger’s Fashions
464 Western Auto
466-468 Breslaw’s Furniture
470 Raymond’s Bootery & Boutique
472 472 Menges & Curtis*

Cross Lake Avenue

474-478 City Hall
City Offices
Law Offices of: Brackett, Eddy & Dorsey*; Sheridan P. & David Wait; David & John Burke; George & Tuck; Leary, Fullerton, Ford & Aussicker; Carusone & Carusone*
480-484 Collamer Building
480 Helprin Brothers Pharmacy
482-484 National Auto
486 Martin’s TV and Radio Service
488 George Pierce Insurance Agency
490 Mabbett Co. clothing and shoes
492 Farmers Hardware Co
494 Finch Pruyn Sales, appliances
496 Presbyterian Church
504-518 Algonquin Building*
510 Standard Furniture Store
510 ½ entrance for apartments
514 Fashion Shop of Saratoga

Corner of Grove Street
Across the street from the Community Theater. But to continue across Grove Street in 1969, there was no City Center or Hotel:

522 Kiley’s Gas Station
526 Hotel Brooklyn
530 American Legion Home
534 Hotel Lincoln
540 Dr. Comstock, MD
554 Saratoga Emergency Corp

Now at the corner of East Van Dam Streetbecause the Arterial (Route 50) had not been built.

To those who remember, I hope you enjoyed memory lane.

For those who do not remember, let me add a few highlights, most of the drug stores had soda fountains and there was nothing like an ice cream soda.

On Thursday nights, the stores stayed open until 9:00 PM and it was a great spot to shop or people watch (the mall had not been built yet.)

The arterial highway (Route 50) being built in 1969

The arterial highway (Route 50) being built in 1969

The Adelphi Grill was open all night for people to grab a sandwich, and they had the best pastrami sandwiches.

Lou’s Luncheonette (Compton’s) would be open for you to grab breakfast at any time.

Glickman’s Men and Boys Shop eventually sold girl’s clothes, as did Saratoga Men’s Shop.

McGirr’s sold all the Catholic School uniforms.

Starbuck’s Department Store carried everything and had a money slide (like the ones at the drive through windows at the bank – long before the banks did).

N. Fox sold more than jewelry – they had small appliances. But more importantly, they sold records, which gave us the opportunity to have quite a collection.

The Community Theater was always a fun treat and had the best candy selection. (Side note: Roohan Realty has a good candy selection too but we’ve added a large fruit bowl for those who are more health conscious.)

Enjoy your summer!

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