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Artemis Salon Opens on Broadway

Artemis Salon Opens at 368 Broadway

Q&A with Owner, Janelle Brown

janelle brown artemis salon saratoga ny

Janelle Brown, owner of the new Artemis Salon at 368 Broadway | Photos by Susan Blackburn

by Eli King Conklin | May 3, 2021
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In need of a post-pandemic hair treatment? A new appointment-based salon just opened at 368 Broadway (suite 15) in downtown Saratoga Springs. Here’s a Q&A with local entrepreneur and owner of Artemis Salon, Janelle Brown:

♦ Tell us a bit about yourself, are you from Saratoga?

Janelle Brown: I grew up in Queensbury, NY, and found my way back to Saratoga Springs after I earned my BFA at SUNY Plattsburgh. After college I moved to Milwaukee and struggled to find direction. In 2004 I decided to go to beauty school and live my true dream. I moved back East to Saratoga Springs – a town I have always loved. Since then my career as a hairstylist has flourished and I met and married my husband, Jason Brown. We have an almost six year old daughter, Sylvan. Saratoga Springs has been fertile ground for my life and I treasure it greatly.

♦ Why did you decide to open Artemis Salon?artemis salonm h,

JB: I’ve been a professional craft hairdresser for 15 years. I come from a fine art background in printmaking and sculpture. Opening my own creative space has been an idea that floated in and out over the years. I quite enjoyed the lockdown from a reflective space. The time home with my family allowed me to rediscover what it is I truly loved and wanted to manifest. My daughter and I would play makeup and hair, and make videos. I also made my own educational videos on the history of makeup, particularly Viking makeup, and 1940s wartime glam (it resonated strongly with the pandemic shortages). This sort of creative play reminded me that I truly love what I do and that I needed the physical and mental space to really dig in and be who I truly am and wanted for my clients.

(You can find these videos on IGTV @canvasandhair, and on my YouTube Channel: Janelle Brown Artist)

♦ What products/services do you offer?

JB: Artemis offers craft hairdressing, the latest balayage, highlighting and coloring techniques, and precision and artistic razor cutting, mixing technical craft with creativity. Artemis sells Davines hair products. I chose them because they are committed to environmental responsibility, their products are superior in performance, the aromas are amazing, and the packaging honors the strong fine art tradition of Italy.

♦ What differentiates Artemis Salon from its competitors?

artemis goddess figurine

JB: My heartfelt motivation for my space is total comfort and beauty for my clients. Most of my clients are what I call “lifers.” They have been with me for years, and they are very loyal. I wanted to provide them with an experience that resulted in not only superiorly crafted hair, but a sense of calm and healing that comes from an environment of peacefulness. Artemis is spacious, light and airy. Artwork and a plenitude of greenery accent the space. Sunlight shines through my large windows, and the tree outside waves to us in the wind. Just yesterday, my client told me that it was the most relaxing haircut she had ever had – and that’s over the 15 years I have been taking care of her. Other clients have said, “It’s like a yoga studio!” “I can’t believe how beautiful this is,” and “This is so you!” Most salons have a high pitched energy to them, but Artemis offers a retreat from that. Your hair will be transformed, and you will leave with a sense of calm and renewal.

Before I opened Artemis, I started using the hashtag #empoweredbeauty. At first thought, the beauty industry is very surface, but with true art it reaches beyond that barrier. Beauty isn’t an external goal, but a welling up of the beauty of who we already are. #empoweredbeauty

♦ How did you find the location  for your new salon during this market?

JB: I went online directly to Roohan Realty because I knew they had a lot of options in town, and I saw the space listed, and it was described with Broadway location, tall ceilings, and large windows. I was matched with Anne O’Toole as my agent and the rest is history!

♦ Are there any upcoming events for the public?

JB: Artemis will be hosting an open house, the date will be announced on social media. Current and future clients will have a chance to see the space, browse the products, receive samples, and have a glass of wine to celebrate my opening.

♦ What’s the story behind the name?artemis salon saratoga logo

JB: In January, I was taking regular early morning walks at my favorite place: Pitney Meadows Community Farm (a Saratoga Springs treasure). My walks were a way to find peace during a time in which I was experiencing a lot fear. I had read in a meditation book that God is always speaking to us through nature, and I also started noticing deer around sunrise. I would remain still and observe them, and it gave me great peace. I decided to look up if they symbolized anything, and found a Native American reference to the melting away of the fear that blocks our union with Great Spirit. It felt healing…synchronistic. At the same time as this, I had been appreciating a small statuette of the Greek goddess Artemis that my husband had gotten as a 20-something in Greece. So I researched her. Her symbol is the deer. She is goddess off the hunt, protector of the forest, and she remains unto herself (goddess of chastity). Ultimately, to me, she is the essence of strength and beauty found in nature. These two elements gave me great faith and inspiration to move past the fear of everything in January and seriously embark on opening Artemis Salon.

♦ What are your qualifications?

JB: I am a licensed cosmetologist, I hold a BFA in art, and I have received balayage education through Salt Society, L’Oreal Soho academy, and advanced cutting classes throughout my career through AVEDA, and several elite hairstylists currently under the Hairbrained_pro organization that supports hairstylists in pursuing high level craft hairdressing. I have attended two Serious Business conferences hosted by the Neill Corporation and AVEDA – these help educate and inspire beauty professionals to operate ethically and from a place of inner strength and inspiration.

♦ What’s the best way to book an appointment?

JB: The best way to book an appointment is to call Artemis Salon at (518) 886-8031. I welcome new clients, but give yourself about 4 weeks in lead time to get in. Artemis does maintain an active cancellation list, so I recommend that you make a first available appointment, and then ask to be placed on the list if you want to get in sooner. There is also a 48 hour cancellation policy.

♥ Get in touch ♥

Instagram @artemis12866 and @canvasandhair
Website is coming soon:
#artemis12866 #empoweredbeauty

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