2024 Summer Home Decor Trends

Summer 2024 Home Décor Trends

Home Styling Tips to Follow this Summer

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by Jordan Golisano-VanNeil | May 24th, 2024
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Step into a lush new summer, as 2024 brings in a new wave of home décor trends. Embrace the fresh warm air of the summer as soft and vibrant trends are entering the home. Home décor turns to an old soul aesthetic while being inspired by the outdoors with paying homage to lasts years coastal trends while adding bold new colors into the mix. This summer’s style will transport you into a clean and fresh living space providing an oasis of relaxation. From earth elements to drops of color, discover how this summer’s trends will inspire you to rejuvenate your home!

Old Soul Aesthetic

This vintage inspired décor captures the perfect lived in feeling and nostalgia as it gives a timeless and elegant touch. This style ranges from distressed wood to colored glass to antique handcrafted hardware. Lace curtains and vintage lampshades soften and bring an airiness that evokes a sense of rustic romance.

Outdoor Inspired Interiors

Lines between outdoor and indoor living spaces are becoming blurred. Outdoor inspired interiors draw from the beauty and comfort of outdoor living. As you open your windows and doors, get inspired by your porch and patio furniture. This décor trend incorporates earthy tones, organic materials,  plants and flowers to create a blended feel.

Minimalist Meets Color

The simplicity of minimalist principles converges with vibrant bursts of color to create a unique living space. It’s no longer just about whites but also adding in natural vibrant colors to create a dynamic living space. Clean linens and uncluttered spaces create a crisp and calm environment but the blend of colored accent walls, artwork, pillows and rugs adds depth and personality back in. The juxtaposition of minimalist and vibrant colors creates a visually simulating yet calm environment that’s a both harmonious and lively.

Coastal Influences


The iconic coastal aesthetic made waves last summer and this year is no different. The 2024 coastal aesthetic is less literal and more subtle through using light and airy colors, natural elements like aged woods and wicker to create that perfect coastal charm. Coastal influence isn’t about sea shells but is about coastal textures and colors. Incorporating the relaxing beach ambiance with natural calming elements can evoke memories of lazy days by the sea.



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