2024 Home Design Trends

2024 Home Design Trends

Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing More of Next Year

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by Jordan Golisano-VanNeil | December 21, 2023
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Interior design trends are always evolving and shaping the way we live, literally. With 2024 being just days away, interior designers are buzzing with fresh, new ideas while still being inspired by the past. These trends have stood the test of time, and for good reason.

Defined Gathering Spaces

Open concept was all the rage a few years ago and it seemed like everyone started taking down walls and adding in support beams. However, the timeless take on defined gathering spaces is coming back into style, people are keeping, or putting back up, their walls to help section off the home for both design and functionality purposes. More walls means that sound will not travel nearly as much and naturally, there will be more privacy (moms and teenagers alike need their privacy!) The biggest pro to more walls is that your home will hold its temperature so much better, making it more eco-friendly.


Archways are a unique architectural design that will be all the rage in 2024. They add a welcoming yet soft feel to a home while invoking old world charm. Archways are such a fun way to jazz up a hallway or even frame a bedroom or playroom for a more dramatic entrance. Due to their curved shape, they will help add more light into your home as well!


Wallpaper is one of those things that went out of style and seemed like it would never come back. It was a struggle to apply and removing it was a pain, so much to the point where the home owner would simply paint over it! Look out, though, because its back and better than ever. Wallpaper has changed tremendously and the same techniques that were once used to install wallpaper are a thing of the past. It’s made now to be easier to apply and  they even offer a peel and stick option that are easy to use and renter friendly. Next year you will find wallpaper in powder rooms, offices, bedrooms, and dining rooms!

Blended Backsplashes

Tile backsplashes have been popular in kitchens for what seems like forever but Millennials and Gen Z are gravitating towards a more minimal deign. The newer generations of homeowners have been opting to use one large piece of marble as backsplash which adds a sleek element to the kitchen. Designers are installing slabs of stone or marble behind ranges and cooktops that are often the same material as the countertops. This trend isn’t just for the kitchen and is expected to be seen in wet bars, coffee bars and even behind open shelving.

Customized Secondary Spaces

The new trend of closed concept living  doesn’t just end with a separate dining rooms but rather multifunctional secondary spaces. These secondary living spaces add function, convenience and purpose to the home combining multiple rooms into one that best suits the homeowners lifestyle. Examples of secondary spaces are mudrooms, butlers pantry’s, wet bars, three season rooms, and so much more.


It seems as though 2024 will be the year of paying homage to the renaissance era. You will see this style come into play and add a moody elegance to kitchens and bathrooms. This style isn’t everyone’s favorite so you can take a more subtle approach by adding in patterns that were popular in the renaissances era such as herringbone.

Textured materials

It’s not just about adding dimension to a room anymore, designers are playing around with different textures within the home. By doing so, you can add a new type of contrast that creates movement and physical sensory in a space. These types of textures can be found in kitchen ranges, backsplashes, wallpaper, cabinets and more.



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