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2022 Home Design Trends

2022 Home Design Trends

What’s trending in home design for the year ahead

by Eli King Conklin | January 3, 2022
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biophilic home design trend 2022 roohan realty saratoga

Biophilic Design
Biophilic design principles put an emphasis on creating calming environments using natural lighting, ventilation, plants & natural elements. Said to help improve concentration, reduce stress and improve indoor air quality, searches for this type of architecture have increased in popularity more than 150% since October 2019 (Pinterest Predicts 2022). Examples of biophilic design are skylights, living walls, indoor fountains, and of course lots of houseplants. See which houseplants are best for indoor air in the spring 2018 issue of our Roohan Beat Newsletter

herringbone wood laid in patterns trend 2022 roohan realty saratoga

Wood Laid in Patterns
Classic herringbone floors add a timeless, textural touch to rooms while also adding warmth and bringing the outdoors in – another nod to the biophilic design trend.

earthy warm greens paint trend 2022 roohan realty

Earthy Interior Colors
The gray-blue trend is cooling off to make room for warm, nature-inspired hues – especially greens. From walls to cabinets to furniture, easygoing earth tones are going to be all the rage to help produce the cozy, calming ambiance so many people are seeking.
Get inspired:
October Mist
(Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022)
Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams
Art and Craft
by Dunn-Edwards

oversized light fixtures 2022 home design trends

Look out for oversized statement lighting like these curvaceous kitchen lights in Witt Construction’s 2021 Showcase home on Hyde Street in Saratoga Springs

Large Light Fixtures
Move over modest-sized pendant lights…it’ll be all about oversized lighting in the year ahead with oversized, LED statement fixtures throughout the home.

curves and arches 222 design trend roohan realty saratoga

An archway draws attention to a pocket bar in Caruso Builders’ 2021 Showcase home

Curves & Arches
Soft lines, curves and arches are going to be making more appearances in the home. Think doorways, windows and furniture with curved edges.

vintage furniture 2022 home design trends roohan realty saratoga

Vintage, Reclaimed, Antique Furnishings and Décor 
Supply chain woes have wreaked havoc on almost all aspects of homebuilding, including finding the right furnishings for your space. People are turning to Facebook Marketplace, Next Door, Offer Up and local thrift shops to find unique items that are stylish, affordable, and available when they need them.

Less-Open Floor Plans
Flexible live/work spaces that can accommodate changing needs of people living under the same roof reign supreme. People need and crave more in-home privacy to work, study, relax, and quarantine if needed. Convertible communal space is at a premium.

natural sustainable materials 2022 home design trends roohan realty saratoga

Natural/Sustainable Materials
Terracotta, cork, bamboo, rattan, wicker, grasscloth, hemp, sisal and others are gaining appeal as sustainability becomes a bigger priority for home buyers. There’s also more of an emphasis natural materials that are not only nontoxic, but more durable than traditional options.

outdoor living space 2022 home design trends roohan realty saratoga 2022

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls blur the line between indoor and outdoor living at Bonacio Construction’s 2021 Showcase condo on Henry Street in Saratoga Springs

Desire for Indoor/Outdoor Living Space Lingers On
Indoor/outdoor living spaces started trending before the pandemic, but have only become more popular since. There is a huge demand for private, protected outdoor areas that enable homeowners to comfortably and safely expand their living space and enjoy the outdoors as an extension of the home. From pergolas to pet runs and outdoor kitchens to pool oases, virtually any type of outdoor living space is going to add to the value of a home whether you’re staying or selling.

seventies 1970s decor 2022 home design trends roohan realty saratoga

Source: Etsy

The 70’s are making a comeback…can ya dig it?
Seventies décor and colors are having a comeback moment, and you’ll be seeing it resurface with a modern twist. Look for lots of nostalgic lighting, more mustards and warm hues, throwback textures and fun, colorful accessories.

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