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Week of June 27, 1969

Week of June 27, 1969

50th Anniversary News | Saratoga Springs, NY

series by Mary Flanagan, Associate Real Estate Broker & lifelong Saratogian

519 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY: Currently home to Roohan Realty and other local businesses, this historic building served as the city's movie theater for forty years from 1938 to 1978.

519 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY: Currently home to Roohan Realty and other local businesses, this historic building was actually a movie theater for forty years (1938-1978).

2019 marks Roohan Realty’s 50th year in business! We would like to take you back to 1969 and share what was happening in the news – locally and nationally. We’ve been having a great time reading old newspapers and hope you enjoy seeing the historic Roohan Realty connections as much as we do. Community involvement and public service have been ingrained in our business from the very beginning – a commitment that continues today. Check back every Thursday for a fresh flashback to 1969!

1. $3.4 Million Civic Center Plans Underway

Ernest B. Morris, attorney and president of Saratoga Harness, is appointed chairman of a new 15 member corporation heading the development of a new city center:



2. Judy Garland Passes

Actress Judy Garland dies at the age of 47:



3. No Easy A

The 1969 Geometry Regents exam is ruled to have been too difficult.  Acting Education Commissioner, Ewald Nyquist, announces that due to the difficulty of the exam, students who scored 55% or above will be considered to have passed.  

The decision gives a passing grade to 14,000 students who otherwise would have flunked. Pupils who scored 55 will have their marks upgraded to 65, and similar upward adjustments will be made for all students who scored over 55.

This is the first time in six years that exam grades are being adjusted – in 1963, scores were raised after a difficult physics exam.

The geometry exam was taken by about 140,000 students. Roughly 60% passed, and approximately 56,000 students scored below 65.  By upgrading the scores about 14,000 will be given a passing grade.

4. See the Revolutionary Home of General Philip Schuyler

Over 300 attend an open house event at the General Philip Schuyler house in Schuylerville, sponsored by the Old Saratoga Historical Association:


5. Summer in Storytown

Summer is officially here:  Storytown is open! Visit Alice in Wonderland, Ghost Town, Jungle Land & more in the 80 acre fun park:

“Added to the many rides at Storytown this year is the European Trabant, a thrill jaunt of spectacular success in Europe and in other sections of America. There is also the Astrowheel, featured at the Texas World’s Fair. Because of demand, Mr. Wood has added another Mine Train. Its locomotive pulls open coaches through the Ghost Town area. There’ll be something new for riders of the Turnpike Car Ride as well. This year will see a miniature gas station, where youngsters will be able to fill their own cars for rides on tracks. To top this off, there’ll be a new tortoise and Hare Ride for tiny tots. New curbing has been installed for the convenience of the public; new covered rest areas will be in use; many new arcade machines have been added, and new equipment has been installed to speed service in serving foods and beverages. Ghost Town will have a completely new show. Tommy Atkinson, ventriloquist, and Ruth Fonda, woman magician, will be featured. Old favorites, such as Gordy Peer and Wild Windy Bill McKay, will return. In Jungle Land there are more animated animals….”

6. If the Shoe Fits…

Prince Charles, the world’s most eligible bachelor, starts a frenzy after telling the British press he refuses to “limit his prospects to a princess from another royal family.”


7. “Well, there’s nothing essentially wrong with the car. It’s just that it wants to go one way and I’d like to go the other.”

The Community Theater is showing The Love Bug (1968), starring Dean Jones and Michele Lee:



mary beth flanaganMary Flanagan is an Associate Real Estate Broker at Roohan Realty with over 30 years of experience as a licensed REALTOR® specializing in residential real estate. A lifelong resident of Saratoga Springs, NY, Mary is extremely knowledgeable about not only Saratoga’s real estate market, but also its history and the community as a whole. She is an active board member for Racing City Rotary Club and U.S. Grant Cottage State Historic Site, and served on the Saratoga Springs Zoning Board of Appeals from 1994 to 2004. In her free time, Mary enjoys researching and writing about Saratoga’s history; she authored Roohan Realty’s Saratoga Centennial blog series in 2015 and is currently working on an Anniversary News series to commemorate our company’s 50th year in business this year (2019). View Mary’s bio & current listings

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