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Week of August 1st, 1969 – 50th Anniversary News Series

Week of August 1st, 1969

50th Anniversary News | Saratoga Springs, NY

series by Mary Flanagan, Associate Real Estate Broker & lifelong Saratogian

519 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY: Currently home to Roohan Realty and other local businesses, this historic building served as the city's movie theater for forty years from 1938 to 1978. 519 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY: Currently home to Roohan Realty and other local businesses, this historic building was actually a movie theater for forty years (1938-1978).

2019 marks Roohan Realty’s 50th year in business! We would like to take you back to 1969 and share what was happening in the news – locally and nationally. We’ve been having a great time reading old newspapers and hope you enjoy seeing the historic Roohan Realty connections as much as we do. Community involvement and public service have been ingrained in our business from the very beginning – a commitment that continues today. Check back every Thursday for a fresh flashback to 1969!

1. The Vote For The Village of Round Lake

Supreme Court Judge Vincent Cerrito ruled that a narrow five vote victory in the June 6th election for incorporation of the village of Round Lake is valid. This will permit the hamlet to make preparations for a village type government. The hamlet has been governed by the Round Lake Association (since 1880) who runs the fire house, water mains and the sewer district for approximately 900 residents. The benefits include substantial payments in both state and federal aid available to a village but not an association. 


2. Bob Pastor Day

August 2, 1969 is named Bob Pastor Day – 300 pay tribute at the Canfield Casino. Bob (who made Saratoga Springs his home) was a professional boxer who lost the world heavyweight championship to Joe Louis in 1939. 


3. As American As a Chevrolet                                       


4. Whoops: They Did It Again!

“With pitcher Chip Williams atop shoulders, Saratoga Springs American Little League All-Star coaches can hardly believe they are still in the win column after knocking off Hyde Park. At the left, manager Bob Lindahl smiles approval, while coaches Eddie Walzack and Ray Panton whoop it up. After winning the sectional title, they move on to Albany next weekend to compete for the state championship. Above, Williams, left, and Meinhardt display their feelings over perfect games they pitched this weekend. Meinhardt took down Latham, 2-0 Saturday, while Williams dropped Hyde Park yesterday 5-0.”


5. SPAC Lineup

Summer of 1969 SPAC lineup this week:

6. Fewer Fans But Bigger Bets at Saratoga Race Course

Attendance is down 11.4% from last year at the race course, but fans are betting an average of $4 more:


7. Ed’s 1st Anniversary

Ed Shepherd Dodge, “The Home of the Good Guys,” celebrates their 1st anniversary:

8. NOW SHOWING: The Lion in Winter

The Community Theater is showing The Lion in Winter (1968), starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn:




mary beth flanaganMary Flanagan is an Associate Real Estate Broker at Roohan Realty with over 30 years of experience as a licensed REALTOR® specializing in residential real estate. A lifelong resident of Saratoga Springs, NY, Mary is extremely knowledgeable about not only Saratoga’s real estate market, but also its history and the community as a whole. She is an active board member for Racing City Rotary Club and U.S. Grant Cottage State Historic Site, and served on the Saratoga Springs Zoning Board of Appeals from 1994 to 2004. In her free time, Mary enjoys researching and writing about Saratoga’s history; she authored Roohan Realty’s Saratoga Centennial blog series in 2015 and is currently working on an Anniversary News series to commemorate our company’s 50th year in business this year (2019). View Mary’s bio & current listings

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