Movie Tickets Donated to Local Families

More than 200 movie tickets to go to local children, families for Christmas

Roohan teams with Bow Tie Cinemas on “Green Bonus” gifts

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Going to the movies might be a favorite Christmas tradition for some, but for those facing financial hardships during the holiday season, the traditions this time of year are far less festive: extreme budgeting, anxiety, and making sacrifices to make ends meet.

Entertainment-related expenses are usually among the first to go when it comes to cutting back – the cost of a night out could easily cover a few Christmas gifts or holiday meal for a family in need – making things like going to the movies a luxury that many low income households must go without.

Bowtie cinemas bonus movie tickets to charity

Movie tickets will be gifted to low income families through several Saratoga area organizations this Christmas

But for children, the holidays should be about magic, not money. And with Christmas just around the corner, one local real estate agent arranged for more than 200 movie tickets to make their way to those who could use an extra dose of holiday magic: low income households and families of special needs children.

Jason Thomas, the Roohan Realtor® who organized the idea, is a movie buff, part-time actor, and die hard Star Wars enthusiast – he’s even co-founder of the Empire State Star Wars Collectors Club (ESSWCC). Thomas was a child when the original Star Wars came out in 1977, but he vividly remembers the frenzy it caused and even the conversations about it at school – who had seen it, how many times, which character was best…

Almost 40 years later, the movies may have changed, but the fact that what dominates the box office tends to dominate conversations, has not.

So to help more children make it to the movies this Christmas, Thomas talked to Bow Tie Cinemas’ corporate office, who agreed to offer special “Green Bonus” tickets at a discounted rate, 200 of which were purchased by Roohan Realty. The movie tickets are being given to several Saratoga organizations who will then distribute them to needy families with children in the coming weeks.

Thomas’ timing couldn’t be better – the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, was released Thursday to record-breaking numbers. Now with free tickets, some local families facing financial hardships can enjoy a movie together this Christmas, and Thomas has a hunch that many of them might be choosing Star Wars.

See showtimes for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Bow Tie Cinemas Railroad Place

See showtimes for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Bow Tie Cinemas Railroad Place

For more information on the Green Bonus ticket program, contact Jason Thomas: 518-221-8920 or

*Special thanks*

Special thanks to David Howarth, Manager of the Bow Tie theater on Railroad Place in Saratoga Springs, and Joann Horwath, Sales and Special Events Coordinator at Bow Tie Cinemas corporate for their help making this holiday program possible

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